Payment and delivery terms:

Payment terms:

Gun Market Ltd online store offers the following payment method:

 - Payment by MasterCard and Visa CARD

 - Bank transfer


When ordering, you have one of three possible delivery options:

1 Delivery in Latvia:

- Prepaid goods, upon presentation of a valid identity document (passport, ID card, driver's license), you can collect goods in the shop "GUN MARKET", Riga, Maskavas 243, LV-1019.

- Omniva parcel machine in Latvia: 4.00 EUR (Delivery time 2 days)

- Delivery in Latvia by EMS - 10.00 EUR

2. Delivery to Lithuania and Estonia:

- Delivery of Latvijas Pasts to Lithuania and Estonia -12.00 EUR (<1kg)

- Delivery to Lithuania and Estonia via EMS -15.00 EUR (Delivery time 2 days) (<1kg)

For items over 1kg, our administrator will calculate the shipping price based on the shipping address you specify and include it in your invoice.

3. Shipping to other countries:

- Latvia Post delivers to other countries - our administrator will calculate the shipping cost, depending on the shipping address you specify and the weight of the shipment, the shipping price will be included in your invoice.

- Shipping to other countries via EMS - 30.00 EUR (Shipping time 5 to 24 days) (<1kg)

For items over 1kg, our administrator will calculate the shipping price based on the shipping address you specify and include it in your invoice.

General provisions

PGoods sold in accordance with the "Weapons and Special Means Processing Act" and the related Cabinet regulations (weapons, ammunition, powder, bullets, soil elements, etc.) are not for sale via web store. The above items may be collected ONLY at the "Gun Market" SIA Store upon presentation of a Firearms Permit or Weapons Authorization and Identity Document: "Gun Market", Riga, Maskavas Street 243, LV-1019

Client has a right to ask to delete his personal data from "Gun Market" LLC database, by sending request to email: [email protected]

LLC "Gun Market" guarantees defence of the personal information, in accordance with the legislation of Latvian Republic.

Upon client request "Gun Market" LLC can make changes in existing order within one working day after order is done, except those cases, when order is already packed or dispatched. Order changes refer to the following cases:

-  addition of new product

-  change of quantity

- cancellation of ordered product.

Changes should be sent to the email: [email protected], indicating code of the relevant product.

Product supplier or producer is the one, who is responsible for the conformity of product description, technical information and product image. Such mistakes could arise, if supplier or producer has specified wrong product description, or due to other, independent of us, reasons. Please, inform us by email:  [email protected]  about any mistakes of its kind.

Loyalty programs, special offers, sales.

 Products for special prices are pointed our on our home page and are marked specially.

Warranties, complaints and refusals


All the goods, which are bought in "Gun Market" LLC online store, have manufacturer warranty.

"Gun Market" LLC online store is fully responsible for the delivery of goods as a complete package.

In case there is some defect or inconformity of product to order specification, please, contact us via email: [email protected], in order to make following procedures. All complaints are being considered individually.

Warranty covers only factory or hidden defects, which become obvious during intended use of product. Damages of any kind, which have arisen as a result of mechanical damage, individual repairs or incorrect use, can’t be a matter for complaint or collateral warranty. 

Warranty covers only those products, which were bought in "Gun Market" LLC store.

If manufacturer has allocated additional warranty for its products, then specific characteristics and extent of warranty are being indicated by manufacturer individually.

Keepinmind – term soft warranty remain valid, if you can introduce the following:

- purchase proving document (sales receipt, waybill);

 - warranty card, issued by manufacturer or distributor (in case manufacturer or distributor has included such in product set).

 Terms of warranty do not cover additional belongings of the product (accessories), batteries (accumulators), belongings, which have limited time of service.

Processing of complaint

Please, contact us via email: [email protected]

- indicate product code and name in the letter;

- describe defect or problem in details;

- send picture of defected item.

Right to refuse 

Client has possibility to return the goods, bought in "Gun Market" LLC online store.

Client has right to refuse the product within 14 days (fourteen) from the date the distance sales contract is concluded (from the date "Gun Market" LLC has confirmed the order), and return it within 7 days (seven) from the date of refuse.

Transport costs are at client’s charge.

Product, which has to be returned, should be packed in its original packaging, as it was delivered to Client. Client is fully responsible for product packaging, when returning it to the online store.

Goods, which are an object for return, should be in the same appearance and complete set, as it was sent to Client, otherwise, "Gun Market" LLC is not obliged to refund amount, paid by Client.

Refund is being executed within 14 working days (fourteen) from the date "Gun Market" LLC has got returned goods back, and also information on where to send the money.

The amount to be transferred will be lessened for the amount, equal to bank commission for bank transfer.

When returning goods, it’s necessary to add purchase proving document and warranty card to the parcel.

Order, in which customer request about services or goods, which do not conform to the contract provisions, is being formed and processed link

General rules about customer rights and responsibilities – read here link In accordance with regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr.207 dated 28.05.2002. «Rules about distance sales contracts »  ("LV", 81 (2656), 30.05.2002.)




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